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Deposit Policies


We require a 50% deposit for reservation of the different services like private boat.

We require a 20% deposit for reservation of any other service.

In case of reservation onsite, we requiere a 50% deposit for booking of any service.

Deposit payment

Deposit must be done by Paypal, at least 4 days before service to secure your reservation.

You do not need a Paypal account to make a deposit.

A prior email with details of reservation and confirmation of availability must be done to receive details in order to make a deposit.

Reservation will be confirmed by email once deposit will be received.

Cancellation Policies

 Cancellation refund

100% refund of deposit will be done 30 days prior to service date (less 5% Paypal fees).

50% refund of deposit will be done between day 29 and day 15 prior to service date (less 5% Paypal fees).

No refund of deposit will be done from 14 days prior to service.

Cancellation on site

Wish you cancel on day of service for any reason, cancellation should be done 24 hours prior service as respect to our partners and no refund will be done. 

In case of cancellation due to weather conditions, and Head Master closes the harbor, we will reschedule your service upon availability.

If no solution can be found, we will refund you 100% (less 5% Paypal fees).

Payment and Pricing Policies


All our prices are communicated in US dollars. Payment is accepted in US dollars, in Mexican Pesos or in Euro based on exchange rate. 

Concerning promotion prices, in case of online reservation, we require 20% deposit by Paypal and balance in cash to guarantee this special offer.


Deposit must be paid by Paypal prior to service to secure your spot.

On service day or in some cases, day before service, the balance must be paid in cash only.

Scuba Diving Policies


All certified divers must present proof of their certification from a recognized certifying agency BEFORE day of service.

All divers must complete and return release forms, like medical form, risk release and whatever other form needed.

If you use a scuba diving insurance, please notify us during booking.

Medical forms

All divers, certified or not, must complete a medical form. If any yes appears to one or more answer, a written approval from a doctor is necessary. This is the diver responsibility to check prior arrival if they have permission for this aquatic activity. 

In case you have booked with a deposit and you are not able to scuba diving cause you don't have a written approval from a doctor, no refund will be done and you won't be able to dive with us. A visit to a doctor can be done on the island if necessary and will be at the diver's charge.

Marine Park Policies

All divers must respect our Marine Park rules. They will be revised before the dive. Knives and gloves are not allowed, so do not bring it with you, it will save you some space. 

We are very strict about taking care of marine life, it is a beautiful but very fragile world. We believe divers are world defender of our oceans, and we would love you to share our behavior of protection.

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