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Explore the beautiful reefs of the second great barrier reef of the world

You are certified

You want to dive on world class dive sites

You can fill up a medical form you are fit to dive

Cozumel reef was discovered by famous Jacques Cousteau Commandant and he declared it was one of his top 10 dive in the world. From famous Palancar coral formations to the incredible wild life of Cedral, all nature lovers will be satisfied.

We will choose our dive sites considering weather conditions, currents and any other factors. We will leave for 2 tank dives generally on mornings. We give you as much time as possible underwater. 

If you need equipment, you can rent it with us (20$usd per set).


2 tanks dive

Lunch box and drinks

Long surface interval

Small groups guaranteed

Personalized service

Marine park fees

Let's go diving...


Long time without diving? 

You are certified

You haven't been diving for 2 years or more

You want to refresh your basic skills with simple dive

You can fill up a medical form you are fit to dive

Your diving skills are a bit rusty and you would like to go through the very basic to be safe or make a check out dive as you haven't been in the big blue for a while. After a while, you just can't remember how to set up our equipment or you are not sure anymore of how to clean properly your mask and you would like to revise how much weight you need. However, as a certified diver, you don't want to go through the entire class again. Here is the perfect solution : a quick basic refresher of 2 hours from shore, an easy and simple dive to make sure how you feel back underwater.

If you need equipment, you can rent it with us.

Let's refresh our skills...

For incredible memories about your dives



You are certified or not

You want incredible souvenirs

You would like to go back home with quality pictures of you and your family or friends while diving. Book a private photographer who will follow you everywhere and try to make the best shot of you underwater. If you choose to have your personal photographer we include the full package of pictures, you don't have to select the one you want. You will leave with a USB, and a Bubbles Underwater tee-shirt.

Go back with souvenirs...

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