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Visit our natural park

Situated at the south point of the island

Natural and protected area

 Best way to go by car, scooter, taxi...

 30 to 45 minutes from down town

Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 5pm

This natural park is one of the must-do in Cozumel. Go up on the platform above the mangrove and try to point out crocodiles and flamingos. You can also climb the lighthouse and admire the spectacular 360° view on the lagune. Downstairs, feel free to visit the little museum where you can learn more about all endemic animals living on the island, but also about Cozumel History. Outside, you can relax in the hammocks facing the ocean or try to point out how far you are from other cities in the world. To finish this visit at Punta Sur, have access to the beach where you can enjoy some snorkeling, work on your tan in hammocks or enjoy a drink while sunbathing.

Entrance Includes

Access to crocodile platform

Access to lighthouse

Access to museum

Access to the beach

Explore Cozumel differently...


Explore the entire island while renting a vehicle 

Around 65km (41miles) to drive around the island

Access to both sides of the island tropical and wild

Going around the island would take around one full day. We really advise you to rent a car, or a scooter if you are used to drive it. You can start going south, and stop on paradise beaches like Playa Mia public access, or Palancar beach where you can get in just having a drink.

You could also make a stop by Cedral village, the first village built on Cozumel. 

On your way south, you can make a stop by Punta Sur or keep going around and arrive to the wildest part.

The other side of the island has a rocky shore line and beautiful white sand beaches. However, we won't advise to swim there due to very dangerous courants. It is also the place where turtles come to nest in summer months. It is a protected area where wild animal love to go around at night. That's why it is not rare to see koatis, crocodiles and other animals. You can enjoy a coconut on one of the cabana bar enjoying the sound of the waves. 

On your way back to town, you can stop by San Gervasio Mayan ruins. This is a modest temple which was really important to Mayan women who were making pilgrimage to pray Ixchel, the goddess of fertility.

Back downtown, you might visit Cozumel Museum and understand why it is called the swallow island. Everywhere from statue to down town paving stones, you can find them.

Finally, go to admire the sunset on the ocean from a beach or from a bar overlooking the ocean, where you will be able to have a bath.

Visits suggestion

Cedral village

Playa Mia, Palancar beach (&co)

Punta Sur park

East virgen beaches

San Gervasio ruins

Cozumel Museum


Discover another world...

Enjoy a park with nature and activities


Situated on the west coast of the island

Semi natural area

 Best way to go by car, scooter, taxi...

 20 minutes from down town

Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 4pm

This park is called Chankanaab which means "little sea" due to the natural cenote found inside the park. This cenote is really close to the sea linked by a canal to salted water. Even if you will be able to admire it, you won't be able to swim in it. This park has a botanical garden, different beaches with a snorkeling area, sunbathing areas with hammocks, reproduction of Mayan ruins... With extra cost, you might enjoy their zip line, water activities or even a dolphin sanctuary. However we do NOT encourage this practice. Those animals are supposed to be free in the ocean, not serving for more likes on a Facebook page.

You also have restaurants and shops inside the park.

BASIC Entrance Includes

Access to park

Access to snorkeling area

Access to sunbathing area

Access to cenote and Botanical garden

A day at the park...


List of Restaurants

Non exhaustive list of our favorite restaurants

Lunch time only

La Candela $

They have a good variety of local food and you can also ask for their special day menu, they change it everyday and make it with fresh products.

La Cuisine $

For healthy food, you can enjoy salads, wraps, bagels and more. They also have a special menu everyday. They have really good quality products based on organic food. They also have food for vegetarians and vegan. 

Crazy king burrito $

Like it is indicated in the name, they prepare burritos. You have a large choice and they are really good. Their owners are also very lovely and you can eat outside.


Dinner only

La Cocay $$

Mediterranean cuisine, they have delicious sea food and they also prepare the best oven pizza of the island. You can eat in the air conditioned room or in a very lovely garden with candles.

Palomar $$

You can have a drink to enjoy sunset and eat their delicious lobster tacos. They also have some live music twice a week.

Jacinta $$$

A very nice restaurant built in a modern style in a garden serving fusion cuisine. A nice combination between Mexican food and international cuisine.

Lunch and Dinner

Sal del mar $$$

Their food is really good and have also very nice decoration. You can eat quality products in the air conditioned area or in the lovely open space area. They redecorated an old house and have built the construction around the trees, the master piece of the restaurant. We highly recommend it.

El Cielo Lindo $$

They have almost all specialities from Mexico. Their plates are well decorated and you can sit outside with a lot of plants around you, feeling the night atmosphere of Cozumel.

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